Five Dubyas

decided to start this blog with a post that answers the 5Ws: who, what, where, when and why.

WHO is writing this blog?

©Qwyxi Styx All rights reserved

Qwyxi Styx

Hi there, I’m Bet the knitter, crafter, photographer, DIY-errrr, gamer, daydreamer that writes this blog.  I live with my amazing husband, our youngest son, a Boxer and a Tabby cat. The two older sons are out on their own and forging lives for themselves. There are two grandchildren that I refer to as “The Grandnuggets” or just “Nuggets”.

WHAT content will I be creating here on the blog?

Most tutorials instruct beginner bloggers to focus on a single topic. The folks that write those tutorials have never met me. I’m not a “one topic” kinda’ gal. My list of interests is long. I’ll be sharing my creative side:

  • crochet, knitting
  • creating chainmaille jewelry and accessories
  • photography & graphic design
  • anything crafty creative that piques my interest

Toss in a healthy portion of my love of baking and my fandom for movies, TV series, Star Wars, Star Trek, Harry Potter and Marvel.

I’m also a gamer and have been actively gaming since I bought my first console back in 1986. Three sons were raised on console, PC and tabletop gaming content and we’re all fans. The family gets together regularly to play Dungeons & Dragons 5e and an assortment of tabletop games. We’re nerds and fly our freak flags proudly.


WHERE are you from? Do I detect a Soprano’s accent? 

No, no you don’t. I’m from southern NJ which is a huge distinction. New Jerseyans from the north sound vastly different from those in the southern portion of the state. You’ll hear “cawfee”, “jawg” and “awn” when I’m saying the words coffee, jog and on. My husband, originally from Kansas, tells me that I say the word “toast” weird. How exactly does one say toast differently? *insert a big shrug here*

I’ve been a Phillies and Flyers fan all of my life but when it comes to football my heart belongs to the Kansas City Chiefs. I’ll half-heartedly cheer for the Eagles but for years I was a Chargers fan because I was a Junior Seau fan. But with his departure from the Chargers in 2002 I decided to join Chiefs Nation. Since my beloved is a lifelong Chiefs fan it works perfectly

For me Jersey is family, the shore, the best blueberries, home grown tomatoes and small town living.




WHEN … hmm when will this post end? When will I blog? When is dinner? 

Good questions. Hoping to blog a few times a week depending upon my schedule.


WHY are you blogging?

Well the internet isn’t going away anytime soon so I thought it would be a great way to chronicle all the things I make, games I play and random thoughts that roll around inside my brain thingy.

Perhaps one day my Grandnuggets will read it and laugh or learn more about me. If I could leave my family with anything in this world it would be eleventy billion dollars but since neither the hubby or I were born with silver spoons in our mouths…

I’ll leave them with the thought that their Gramma lived her life just the way she wanted: surrounded by family and doing the things she loves most. You get one shot at life. You might as well have fun and enjoy it. Screw keeping up with the Jones’ or climbing the corporate ladder.




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